Pantera - Lowdown - 31 Jan 2012

Artist: Pantera
Album: Lowdown
Release Date: 31 Jan 2012
Tagged as: thrash metal, metal, groove metal, heavy metal, power metal  
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  1. We Were Supermen
  2. Looking Back
  3. The Legacy of Pantera
  4. It's Easy To Hate But Hate Means No Return
  5. Superman Vs Heroin
  6. Dimebag, My Friend
  7. Dimebag's Guitar
  8. A Bottle of Crown Royal
  9. Racism Is Bull
  10. Staying In Touch
  11. That's the Way To Do Things...
  12. Where Did You Learn to Play the Didgeridoo?
  1. Metal Magic
  2. A New Recruit
  3. Cowboys From Hell
  4. A Vulgar Display of Power
  5. Far Beyond Driven
  6. Way Down in New Orleans
  7. The Great Southern Trendkill
  8. 101 Proof
  9. Observing the Sabbath
  10. Reinventing the Steel
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