The All-American Rejects - Kids in the Street - 23 Mar 2012

Artist: The All-American Rejects
Album: Kids in the Street
Release Date: 23 Mar 2012
Tagged as: rock, alternative, pop punk, emo, punk
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  1. Someday's Gone
  2. Beekeeper's Daughter
  3. Fast & Slow
  4. Heartbeat Slowing Down
  5. Walk Over Me
  6. Out The Door
  7. Kids In The Street
  8. Bleed Into Your Mind
  9. Gonzo
  10. Affection
  11. I For You
  12. Drown Next To Me
  13. Someday's Gone (Demo)
  14. Bleed Into Your Mind (Demo)
  15. Do Me Right
  16. Fast & Slow (Demo)
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