Go West - Very Best of - 12 Mar 2012

Artist: Go West
Album: Very Best of
Release Date: 12 Mar 2012
Tagged as: 80s, pop, new wave, british, soft rock
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  1. We Close Our Eyes #5
  2. Call Me #12
  3. Don’t Look Down – The Sequel #13
  4. Innocence (The Desperation Edit)
  5. The King Of Wishful Thinking #18
  6. Faithful #13
  7. One Of Us
  8. I Want To Hear It From You #43
  9. S.O.S. (The Perpendicular Mix)
  10. Man In My Mirror
  11. True Colours #48
  12. She Lights Me Up
  13. Missing Persons
  14. Never Let Them See You Sweat
  15. Ball Of Confusion (Live)
  16. Call Me (Indiscriminate Mix)
  1. Goodbye Girl #25
  2. Eye To Eye
  3. What You Won’t Do For Love #15
  4. The Tracks Of My Tears #16
  5. The King Is Dead #67
  6. One Way Street (From The Film 'Rocky IV')
  7. Chinese Whispers
  8. Crossfire
  9. From Baltimore To Paris
  10. I Want You Back
  11. Tell Me
  12. Still In Love #43
  13. The Sun And The Moon
  14. Healing Hands (The Monitor Mix)
  15. Don't Look Down (The Stratospheric Mix)
  16. We Close Our Eyes (Total Overhang Club Mix)

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