The Turtles - You Baby/Let Me Be - 27 Jan 2012

Artist: The Turtles
Album: You Baby/Let Me Be
Release Date: 27 Jan 2012
Tagged as: 60s, classic rock, oldies, pop, rock
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  1. Flyin' High (Mono)
  2. I Know That You'll Be There (Mono)
  3. House Of Pain (Mono)
  4. Just A Room (Mono)
  5. I Need Someone (Mono)
  6. Let Me Be (Mono)
  7. Down In Surburbia (Mono)
  8. Give Love A Trial (Mono)
  9. You Baby (Mono)
  10. Ball Bearing, Ball Bearing World (Mono)
  11. All My Problems (Mono)
  12. Almost There (Mono)
  13. Santa And The Sidewalk Surfer
  14. Teardrops
  15. Flyin' High (Stereo)
  16. I Know That You'll Be There (Stereo)
  17. House Of Pain (Stereo)
  18. Just A Room (Stereo)
  19. I Need Someone (Stereo)
  20. Let Me Be (Stereo)
  21. Down In Surburbia (Stereo)
  22. Give Love A Trial (Stereo)
  23. You Baby (Stereo)
  24. Ball Bearing, Ball Bearing World (Stereo)
  25. All My Problems (Stereo)
  26. Almost There (Stereo)
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