Ten Years After - Essential - 08 Jun 1993

Artist: Ten Years After
Album: Essential
Release Date: 08 Jun 1993
Tagged as: blues, blues rock, rock, classic rock, harmonica blues
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  1. Wonderul Time
  2. Black Panther Blues
  3. Polly Put Your Kettle On
  4. Dogging My Love Around
  5. Black Gal Blues
  6. Rub A Dub
  7. Decoration Day Blues No.2
  8. Early In The Morning
  9. Jackson Blues
  10. She Don't Love Me That Way
  11. Little Girl Blues
  12. Miss Stella Brown Blues
  13. You're An Old Lady
  14. Check Up On My Baby Blues
  15. Got The Bottle And Gone
  16. Frigidaire Blues
  17. Welfare Store Blues
  18. Whiskey Headed Blues
  1. Goodbye Red
  2. Been Dealing With The Devil
  3. Beauty Parlor
  4. You Got To Step Back
  5. Good Gal Blues
  6. Good Gravy
  7. Christmas Morning Blues
  8. Mellow Chick Swing
  9. No Friend Blues
  10. You Give An Account
  11. Coal And Iceman Blues
  12. Come On Baby And Take A Walk
  13. Elevator Woman
  14. Southern Dream
  15. Thinking My Blues Away
  16. Apple Tree Swing
  17. Jivin' The Blues
  18. Willow Tree Gal
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