Various Artists + Discharge - Hellfest 2012 - 02 Apr 2012

Artist: Various Artists + Discharge
Album: Hellfest 2012
Release Date: 02 Apr 2012
Tagged as: electronic, d-beat, trance, hardcore punk, rock  
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  1. Quarantined
  2. Demented aggression
  3. A tout le monde
  4. The storm
  5. Burnin' for you
  6. Vengeance is mine
  7. Anytime anywhere
  8. Me against the world
  9. Flirtin' with disaster
  10. Shadow world
  11. Stab in the back
  12. Deamonpainter
  13. Inhale/exhale
  14. In the raw
  15. Race for the gallows
  16. Dark gnosis
  17. Treat me right
  1. Gateways
  2. Easy livin'
  3. Stand my ground
  4. Destroyer of the universe
  5. War is my shepherd
  6. Robin hood
  7. Fjara
  8. Expulsion of fury
  9. All or nothing
  10. Mary
  11. Anomie
  12. Daddy's happy
  13. Blessed night
  14. Let the blood spill between my broken teeth
  15. Flesh devouring pandemia
  16. Global flatline
  17. Protest and survive

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