Pete Namlook - Namlook Xxvii - 20 Apr 2012

Artist: Pete Namlook
Album: Namlook Xxvii
Release Date: 20 Apr 2012
Tagged as: ambient, electronic, experimental, downtempo, minimal ambient  
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  1. Transfer(Dts 5.1 Music Disc)
  2. Schleuse(Dts 5.1 Music Disc)
  3. Satellitenstadt(Dts 5.1 Music Disc)
  4. Nachtschicht(Dts 5.1 Music Disc)
  5. Feierabend(Dts 5.1 Music Disc)
  6. Strom(Dts 5.1 Music Disc)
  1. Transfer(Stereo Cd Version)
  2. Schleuse(Stereo Cd Version)
  3. Satellitenstadt(Stereo Cd Version)
  4. Nachtschicht(Stereo Cd Version)
  5. Feierabend(Stereo Cd Version)
  6. Strom(Stereo Cd Version)

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