Front Line Assembly - Plasticity - 26 Mar 1996

Artist: Front Line Assembly
Album: Plasticity
Release Date: 26 Mar 1996
Tagged as: industrial, ebm, electronic, electro-industrial, industrial metal  
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  1. Plasticity
  2. Replicant
  3. Plasticity (Zero by Haujobb)
  4. Fatalist
  5. Retribution
  6. Deception
  7. Fatalist (Aqualite Remix)
  8. Prophecy (Haujobb Remix)
  9. Fatalist (Tribal Techno Mix by Aqualite)
  10. Prophecy (Album Version)
  11. Prophecy (Radio One)
  12. Prophecy (YK2000 Mix)
  13. Unknown Dreams (Radio Two)
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