The Letter Black - Hanging on by a Remix - 22 May 2012

Artist: The Letter Black
Album: Hanging on by a Remix
Release Date: 22 May 2012
Tagged as: alternative rock, female vocalists, hard rock, rock, alternative metal  
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  1. Away from Me (Pitch Black and Paranoid Mix)
  2. Moving On (Don't Let the Door Hit You Mix)
  3. All I Want (Berlin After Dark Mix)
  4. My Disease (Dirty Lazer Mix)
  5. Better Luck Next Time (Guns Drawn Mix)
  6. Collapse (Smooth Angel Mix)
  7. Wounded (Too Much Sweat on a Strobe Light Mix)
  8. Fire With Fire (N.Y.C. Amyl Nitrate Mix)
  9. Perfect (Painful Mix)
  10. Dream On (Rapid Eye Movement Mix)
  11. Hanging on By a Thread (Cut the Cord Mix)
  12. Moving On (Mike D's Knox-Vegas Remix)
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