Phobia - Remnants of Filth - 05 Jun 2012

Artist: Phobia
Album: Remnants of Filth
Release Date: 05 Jun 2012
Tagged as: grindcore, crust, grind, death metal, drum and bass  
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  1. Assertion to Demean
  2. Contradiction
  3. Submission Hold
  4. Plagued by the System
  5. Dementia Having Overdose
  6. Got The Fear
  7. Infraction Of Pride
  8. Resolution
  9. Let It Go
  10. Deaden to Believe
  11. Vengeance Will Be Mine
  12. No Sympathy For The Weak
  13. Freedom Isn t Free
  14. Atrocious Atrocity
  15. Filthy Fucking Punks
  16. Constrain Relations
  17. Resuscitate
  18. Inaction

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