Killing Floor - Uranus Remastered - 14 May 2012

Artist: Killing Floor
Album: Uranus Remastered
Release Date: 14 May 2012
Tagged as: blues rock, psychedelic rock, psychedelic, hard rock, bluesrock  
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  1. Out of Uranus (Remaster)
  2. Soon There Will Be Everything (Remaster)
  3. Acid Bean (Remaster)
  4. Where Nobody Ever Goes (Remaster)
  5. Sun Keeps Shining (Remaster)
  6. Call for the Politicians (Remaster)
  7. Fido Castrol (Remaster)
  8. Lost Alone (Remaster)
  9. Son of Wet (Remaster)
  10. Milkman (Remaster)

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