Howlin' Wolf - London Session -Deluxe- - 12 Jul 2012

Artist: Howlin' Wolf
Album: London Session -Deluxe-
Release Date: 12 Jul 2012
Tagged as: blues, chicago blues, classic blues, delta blues, rhythm and blues  
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  1. Rockin' daddy
  2. I ain't superstitious
  3. Sitting on top of the world
  4. Worried about my baby
  5. What a woman
  6. Poor boy
  7. Built for comfort
  8. Who's been talking?
  9. The red rooster
  10. The red rooster
  11. Do the do
  12. Highway 49
  13. Wang dang doodle
  14. Goin' down slow
  15. Killing floor
  16. I want to have a word with you
  1. Worried about my baby
  2. The red rooster
  3. What a woman! (a/k/a commit a crime)
  4. Who's been talking?
  5. Worried about my baby
  6. I ain't superstitious
  7. Highway 49
  8. Do the do
  9. Poor boy
  10. I ain't superstitious
  11. What a woman! (a/k/a commit a crime)
  12. Rockin' daddy
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