Paul Plimley + Barry Guy + Lucas Niggli - Hexentrio - 09 Jun 2012

Artist: Paul Plimley + Barry Guy + Lucas Niggli
Album: Hexentrio
Release Date: 09 Jun 2012
Tagged as: jazz, free jazz, contemporary classical, swiss, avant-garde
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  1. Flo Vi Ru
  2. Ardesedo
  3. Totius Quotius
  4. Bruder Klaus (For P.Z.)
  5. Iron Works
  6. Witches In Our Fingers
  7. When Shall We Three Meet Again
  8. Come And Go
  9. ... In Thunder, Lightning Or In Rain
  10. Mutualità
  11. Epistomologogo
  12. Lightly Skirting The Petals Of Delicate Consequence
  13. Flutterby
  14. Hurly Burly
  15. Passport (Expired)
  16. Pugnoplangent Intuitions
  17. Railways Rear Viewed In Magic Mirror

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